This is not a comprehensive list of publications for proposed UK-ICOS stations.


University of Exeter
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Porcupine Abyssal Plain
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Atlantic Meridonal Transect/James Clark Ross
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Peer reviewed publications citing and/or naming SOCAT and having a global or North Atlantic focus.
The UK-Caribbean VOS data (and other European VOS) contributes to the SOCAT data synthesis products. As such all publications that use SOCAT data products are to some extent utilising the aspiration for an ICOS infrastructure. However, SOCAT includes many data sets produced outside the intended ICOS infrastructure. The publication list is a subset of all the papers citing SOCAT, reflecting only those which have a global / North Atlantic / Northwestern European shelf sea focus. Nevertheless the SOCAT publication list provides an excellent example of the benefits and impact of data collection and synthesis in European and international contexts, an aspiration of the future of the ICOS RI.
Publications citing or naming SOCAT
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