UK-Integrated Carbon Observation System

ICOS (the Integrated Carbon Observation System) is a European Research Infrastructure (RI) identified as part of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) process. It consists of a network of European observing systems operated at member state level and is underpinned by thematic centres (ocean, atmosphere and ecosystem [terrestrial biosphere]) and a centralized administration and database facility in Helsinki. The UK is supporting the Ocean Thematic Centre (OTC) jointly with Norway.


UK ICOS Committee 2017

Grant Forster

Tom Gardiner

Alastair Manning

Andrew Manning

Stephan Matthiesen

David Lowry

Euan Nisbet

James Morisson

Eiko Nemitz

Dorothee Bakker

Matt Wilkinson

Naomi Greenwood

Anna Jones

Ute Schuster

Phil Nightingale

Richard Wood


UK ICOS Programme Management


National Focal Point for UK-ICOS science community: Prof. Andrew Watson, FRS
Specific role: Recognized by the community to be the liaison and communication point between the National Networks, scientists, funding agencies, other stakeholders and ICOS ERIC. 


National Stakeholder Focal Point UK-ICOS: Professor Richard Sanders
Specific role: To build up a good relationship between the national government and funding agencies and science community.